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I got my MBC few days ago and well, i noticed theres air coming thru the controller thru a tiny hole(does'nt look like its a cause of the hole, i think its was made like that) Inside has a spring and a ball, and stickers on each side showing which way to turn for raising and dropping boost levels.

OK first, i dunno if im wrong but i used the clear soft aquarium hose bcuz everywhere was closed and thats all i found. I used a T on the wastegates and one line went to the controller, and i blocked off the vacum on the rear turbo and used the vacum from the front turbo(the line that is connected on the turbo compressor to the wastegate), used this for the vacum on the controller.

Now i was adjusting the controller and testing it but i had the lines long, to run in teh cabin to control. I dunno if this can cause problems but when adjusting, it was always shooting some air thru that small hole and i was hitting boost/fuel cut. It was going beyond 14.7psi.

Anything i should do/try? Im gonna get new vacum hoses today, proper ones, and this time get another T and T off both compressors vacum's and the wastegates. If that does'nt work, im gonna leave the controller in the bay with shorter hoses.

But im just asking, whats my main problem currently of how i have it?
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