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mbc or ebc? which one is better strictly performance...

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Assuming that you are dont need to adjust boost all the time which one is better from a strictly performance standpoint. are mbc's better for controlling spikes and general reliability?
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A MBC will give you faster spool up and much better accuracy without boost spikes, than a EBC. You will however lose the ability to adjust from the cockpit.

Bill P 95 6sd sp63
I second Bill's statement. Just make sure it's a ball and spring type.

Later, Steve
yall know where to get one online? isnt there one like hallman or something like that?
I had a profec-B good boost controller, but I switched to a ball and spring MBC.


The MBC spooled way faster, held the turbos better and no it didn't spike.

Now the downside. No cockpit adjustment. Bummer if your running low boost and get in a race or high boost and no race fuel.

I still vote for the MBC though. I made mine switchable. Wastegate and high boost settings!! :)

LateralusFU said:
yall know where to get one online? isnt there one like hallman or something like that?
check out joe p. manual boost controllers, they're pretty reliable.
You can build a ball and spring type with about ~10 in parts from the local hardware store. Instructions are here. If you want a 2 stage version, you use 2 of them with a solenoid to switch between them (or 3 or however many stages of boost you want).

I've had awesome results from cutting the hose and putting a "t" in the line...holds boost like a mo-fo
try the turbo xs unit for a mbc, all the DSM guys and WRX guys are use them and I myself have installed a few on cars out here and as far as adjustability if you want you can run the lines (vacume) all the way to the inside and still can adjust boost.They sell for $95.00 starting...
TurboXS also makes an MBC with 2 settings that you electronically switch between in the cockpit. I have trouble with solutions that run a hose to the cockpit as one advantage of using an MBC is you can keep the hoses as short as possible for the best boost response.
I installed a Grainger-type MBC and am not impressed. My boost is everywhere, except where I want it to be.:mad: The MBC is mounted directly on top of the actuator, so the total vacuum tube length is less than 8 inches, however I get 3-5 psi spikes, no matter what I try to set the pressure to be. And on the tall gears, the boost creeps up! For me, it has not been a "set it and forget it" like I was expecting. It does have a vent hole, so I still don't understand why it's spikes and creeps. Any suggestions?
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