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My friend got an Evo couple weeks ago and i've been dying to run him but hes never around. Last nite around 12 pm no one out and me and my cousin just crousin around then i see an evo foloowing me....what do u know its my friend so he fallows me off the exit in to a light.....we both take off good boom 2nd gear he pulls half a car on me 3rd another half of car then i hit 4th start to catch up but he had me by a car.....then we go in the highway doing a 40 roll....i installtly pick up a half car on him shift then had about a car and half on him.......after all good run i'm impresed with the evo's.....i should of beat from a dig and even more on the highway if my car had good compression and didn't have a nasty boost leak....can't wait to fix this bitch and run him again...oh and i was only running 13psi :(....but overall it was fun

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here is my mods: 1cyl still has 90psi compression

7MGTE Freshly Rebuilt
JE Pistons .30 Over
ARP Hardware
Clevite 77 Bearing
HKS 1.2 Metal Head Gasket
All OEM Gaskets
Mild Port and Polish
5 Angle Valve Job on Head
Super Sequential Bov
Spearco Intercooler from SupraSport
Custom Intercooler Piping 2.5”
HKS 3000 Pipe
HKS Manuel Boost Controller
NA Cam Gears
CT 26 Upgraded to 62-1 Polished
Aeromotive Air/Fuel Pressure Regulators
RC Engineering 550cc Injectors
Lexus Air Flow Meter
HKS Mega Flow Intake System
Custom Turbo Accordian Hose Pipe Polished
Custom 3” Turbo Elbow
No Cats No Resonators
JDM Apexi Dunk Catback Exhaust
Spec Stage 3 Clutch System

· Mk3-Mk45-Passport-Eagle
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he those things are not as fast as people make them seem, but def faster then most 1st cyl has 85psi compression :( build motor the head is fucked up proberly a bent starts bugging after 4k rmps....but i still beat him in the highway...i know i should of murdered him but oh well until i get my car fixed there is nothing i can say :(....thanks
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