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Memphis Audio Products.

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Anyone have any experience with Memphis Audio Studio Series products? How do they sound? Are they any good? Any Info will be great.

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Remember the car audio brand"Fultron"?????

Same stuff just renamed to "Memphis" cause no one would buy it with the "Fultron" name on it anymore. Same company/owners.

It seemed to work cause they are now selling much better than Fulton did years back.

I don't sell it so I can't give you any pros or cons.
I've never used them, but I have seen them in person. They look bad-ass. I don't know if that's a good reason for buying subs.....But it's all I know.
I use their amps and love them. I have heard their show truck earlier this year with 8 12" memphis subs and it freakin rocked! I think they are about on par with the eclipse 87 series pricewise. I can vouch for the eclipse subs. I use the 88012 dvc's in my install, but I have heard 2 of the 87 series before and they sounded wonderful.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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