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I've had this problem for a while where when I back up and hit the brakes it hear a metallic clunk. I thought it was the suspension adjustment cams, so I torqued them to the factory specs. However, I have also noticed another noise when I go over speed bumps. It feels as if the suspension is loose up front.

Last night I heard this metallic noise when driving slowly in first gear, a scraping noise. However, this was only happening while the car was in gear; very odd indeed. I parked the car for a bit, then when I started it back up again a few hours later, the noise was gone.

I have thought that, perhaps, the noise coming from the front of my car was motor mount-related. But I question this because the noise isn’t caused by acceleration or deceleration.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I'll have more of a description after I drive it this afternoon.

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