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To start off: I had low expectations.

I planned on shipping my steering wheel to get it reupholstered, but got lazy to find a box and figured I'd give this a shot. Might be a fun way to spend a weekend, and its only $30. Worst case, I'd rip it off and ship the whole wheel to get upholstered.

Here's what came in the box (Steering wheel cover, 2x thread, 1x needle, cheap thimble, 2-side tape, plastic pry bar thing):

Steering wheel cover is a pretty tight fit, here it is before I started any of the sewing:

This was my first time sewing anything (its not really sewing, just weaving the thread through the pre-sewn thread on the steering wheel cover). I was pretty conservative at first because I didn't want to rip through the PU. It was a tight fit to get the two edges of the cover to meet - so by the end of the first section, I was just yanking on it as hard as needed to get the edges to meet.

I didn't use any of the 2-side tape - figured the tension would be enough to hold it

Here it is after the first section (and some sore fingers):

I used zip ties to keep it from unravelling. Only knots are at the beginning and end of the section.
Here is a close up of how the edges meet. Not perfect, but I was happy with it.

After all 3 sections:

Summary / Conclusion:

  • Pretty happy with how it turned out. Especially for $30.
  • I'd like it if the edges that meet the airbag had a bit more material. I'll need to glue them down to keep them from popping up. Only the airbag is holding them back for now
  • Color obviously doesn't match OEM. Its a big thicker, but its not a big deal.
  • This isn't leather, its PU. There was an option to buy leather for $60. If I had known it would have turned out this good, I'd probably would have opted for that.

Overall, I had low expectations but Mewant was really responsive and their pattern cut for the 3-spoke is great. Would like a bit more buffer material, but I can get around that with some glue.

Haven't install this in the car yet, so we'll see how it holds up

...pop the hood!
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Iooks great, give me your address so i can have you do mine lol
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