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Alright, so I'll start off by saying I may be posting this question in the wrong area. Please move it, if need be. Or refer me to the correct thread. Navigating the forums through a cellphone is less than ideal.

So it's coming to the point on my build to start thinking of engine management and ignition systems. I have decided to run Microtech LT-16c. It was really a no brainer considering the Canadian-American exchange rate right now. Made much more sense buying from the Aussies.

What else is needed to run this standalone and ignition system? Besides what's obviously included in the Microtech ECU and coil package, listed on their website.

I decided to let my performance shop do the install of the standalone, harness, etc. My build has been from the ground up. So I don't want to trailer the car 4 hours south, and find out that I'm missing a simple OEM component that I should have otherwise had. Might be a stupid question, but better safe than sorry!

And yes, I have a CPS already lol.

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