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Go with Blitz.

I ordered the HKS midpipe for $120. Then I learned that it's alumilized steel and hangs too low. So I canceled the order and bought the Blitz midpipe. It's about $160, but well worth the $$.

It's 100% stainless steel, excellent quality, and it's 80 mm diameter is also larger than the HKS. Not sure about the SC300 fitment, but I had to have a custom stainless O2 flange made for the midpipe.


P.S. Call the boys at SP Enginering at 626-333-5398 to order.

Toyomoto has them. I got mine from Lance. I couldn't believe how well the pipe fit. If it was a Toyota OEM, it couldn't fit any better. I think it was $150-200.

They actually have a few new things on their website. Take a look.
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