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As you can tell by my post I have a 99 Eclipse GSX. I just bought it in August. So why am I posting here about buying a supra?

Some of you might know about dsms and crankwalk. Well I didn't read up on it much before I bought my eclipse (too excited) and I have finally gathered about as much information I need on the subject. Obviously if you know what CW is, you know why I'm thinking about a new car. My final decision will come when I talk to two of my friends who work as mechanics at a local mitsubishi dealership. Even though my car has warranty to 60k miles, that means I can't mod my car much, and they can't permanently fix CW.

Anyway here's what I need you guys to help me with. What do I need to know about MKIV TTs? Are there any common problems that come up with these? I know toyota is a very reliable company, but with such a complicated piece of engineering like a supra, I wonder how reliable they are.

Also how much would I pay for one with less then 50k miles.
Are there any differences in the cars by year?
ex. Eclipses have diff wings for 98&99.

A guy i know has a 94TT and his turbos just went on him. He does push the car pretty hard, no make that very hard, but he has lots of money so that's alright -_-

I drove a MK II supra before my eclipse and I would very much like to be a supra owner once again.


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turbo problems on some are due to heavey beating or poor maintance!

but supra are very very reliable much would I pay for one with less then 50k miles. A.depends on the year $25,000.00 and up!

Q.Are there any differences in the cars by year
A.93.5 -95 all look the same in and out side
96 only came in automatic
97-98 have differnt seats inside different headlights(inside is dark not shiny )rear lights look a little differnt ,radio ,trany has a longer shift thow,it uses 96-98 Supras are equipped with OBDII sensor instead of odb1

RanGer498 said: much would I pay for one with less then 50k miles. A.depends on the year $25,000.00 and up!

On average I'm sure thats true, but if your patient and wait to find a good deal, you can get one cheaper than that (mine was $20 with 45K and bone stock and I know of another with 50K for $18!).

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one thing to add to Rangers comment:

96's were available in manual, it was the only year that they had a 5 speed. It had something to do with emissions. Very difficult to find a 96 with a manual. Mainly, because it was the slowest year for new supra sales.

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There were only non-turbo's available in a manual trans in 96.

Later, Steve
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