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-Jon Frey
[email protected]

Mines' JDM 2JZGTE 6 Spd. Supra ECU. $575 shipped/paypal'd. I purchased this from a member here years ago. These are the specs straight from Mine's:

-Mapped for 100 RON (93-94 Octane)
-Fuel mapping changed
-Ignition timing changed
-Boost cut removed
-Speed limiter removed
-Rev limit +500 from stock
-2-step rev limit @5000ish RPM
-Boost to be set at 1kg/cm3-1.1kg/cm3(15.6 psi)

This is set up for stock JDM 440cc injectors and factory IAT and map sensors. I had this running in a 92 SC300 w/ R154. Mounting bracket not included.

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