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1/2 Na-T Project
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Nucleon said:
Hi guys!

I know some of you are using it. Is the fuel cut raised or completely gone? What is the max. boost you've ever done with it? (7M-GTE)

Please no guessing (I can do that myself very well :bigthumb: ), experience only.

Thanks for help, Daniel
I had a Techtom unit which is similar to the MINE's ECU. This was for a 7MGE, the redline was raised a bit, ignition map was changed, and fuel map was changed. For the 7MGE I didn't notice too much of a difference, but for the 7MGTE I am sure you will...I was running a [email protected] mph which is pretty good for a 7MGE, hell stock turbos only run high 14's if that. I got rid of it because I did an 1/2 na-t conversion.
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