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Note: Car was perfectly fine before it’s last wash getting it ready for a photo shoot.(engine bay was sprayed with water).

So I’m driving to the photo shoot location and I start noticing a misfire. The longer I drove it progressively got worse to the point where I would just get pretty good popping coming out of the exhaust.

The only difference in misfire issues here is that this is low rpm/speed misfire, it seemed to clear up a little as I got to higher speeds and rpm.

Thought well damn I probably got a bad spark plug from the wash. Took the car home changed out the plugs (ngk BKR8EIX #2668 gapped at .18).

Started the car and it sounded much better, revved it up and instantly noticed it had a subaru engine sound to it. Drove it and definitely drove much better I can tell the issue is close to being solved just by how it drove. Been trying to chase the issue down now.

Last time I heard this sound my cam sensor was malfunctioning but it was much worse. Cam sensor is in good condition right now.

I pulled the coil plugs and only noticed that cylinder 6 might be the issue as I didn’t see much or any change when the plug was disconnected. Cylinder 6 plug had some oil in it so I cleaned up it(haven’t started the car since doing this, just trying to get some more opinions in case this wasn’t the issue).

Plugs look good, getting 12v to all my plugs. Coils have continuity. The only Other thing I can note is that when I turned my key on to test power to my plugs I heard a pretty loud frequency and noticed some smoke coming from my dli.

I’m not 100% sure how the dli works because I’ve read that it does and doesn’t affect low rpm/load and only affects high rpm/load. Someone mentioned something about spark waste on aem and a bad dli would cause the issue im having. And seeing the smoke from the dli has me wondering if it could be the issue.

Any help would be appreciated!
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