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Hello everyone.

I was recently looking at my Logs on my EMU standalone, where i noticed its boost reading was much higher than what my gauge is reading.

My standalone has it's own dedicated line not T'd off anywhere and i have it so its right on the base of the intake of the crossover. Its on the plenum not on the Y or throttle body.

The boost gauge however is T'd off between the BOV and itself.

Here is where things were getting concerning. When ever i look at my gauge at full boost i can see it level out and be steady at 15 psi ( according to the gauge ) I can hear my wastegate opening and no problems just working fine and car pulls really nice.

My emu reads only in Metric but when i was looking at my log my kPa-MAP was peaking at 170 kPa. I looked on google's conversion chart of kPa to PSI and that equals out to 24 psi ?

If my engine is truly experiencing that much boost i'm going to turn it down but im really not sure which one is getting the wrong reading. Either my gauge is reading less than the true amount of boost or my stand alone is reading some how more boost than what the engine is taking in.

I have a manual boost controller for a side note.

Thanks for your time.

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