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so figured i would make an intro/build thread all combined. I actually just bought a mk3 supra a Lil while ago so decided to join a few forums and see if i can learn more about the car.

first a little intro since i have never posted here.
Name: Adam
Location: Florida
Age: 21
DD: bolt on and cam GTO


now on to the supra
Goal 700+ rwhp turbo 5.3L
1987 supra

5.3L vortech motor.

new built auto trans

torque converter

All new carpet

Head gaskets

Aluminum radiator and shroud

Trans cooler

oil lol

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New wiring harness


throttle body


dash project


map sensor

fuel cell

head bolts and studs

connecting rods


still waiting on obvious parts like turbo and accessories and custom forged pistons if they ever get done.

as of current its going to be painted black

Motor mounts are being fabricated now. I ordered the require bushings and hardware related to mount the engine and trans.

Engine mounts will be a compact tubular design but will be extremely strong.

I have skipped painting the engine bay until last. I want to get this engine in and running then will make it pretty.

I ran the psi harness and looks like I will mount the ecm in the glove box as well as the psi fuse panel. I will mention the harness looked pretty nice but I have already found a few very loose clips a few actually fell off. I will go through and repair and replace what is not acceptable or up to my standards.

Radiator fits great the new mounts arrived sat.

Soon as the supplies ordered arrive I will have some pics of the engine and trans mounted in the engine bay!!!

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if i dont end up selling it then sure and from what it looks like its not going to sell.. really have not even had any interest.. and i dont need it for anything.. honestly not sure if it runs though.. i can call the guy i bought it from and see.

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Good luck with engine management and fitting that piping I am certainly interested in seeing the final result if it ever gets finished.
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