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i like the idea of not hacking up my near virgin harness. Does anyone make anything like the mk4 feilds harness?

IF not, why not, im sure a lot of people would like one. imagine when installing electronics only having to pull out the extension and working in your house , instead of upside down in your passenger seat.

I would much rather spend 200bucks on this then potentially ruining my harness everytime i use it.


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I will toss two tidbits of info on this one...

A: You could go through the same process I did for making a 1J fields harness (find connector sources... solder it all up) Getting new connectors is a pain because AMP (who makes most of them) doesn't like to sell in QTY's less than 1000. (min qty I would have been able to buy in) and Toyota will sell you the plugs, but not the ECU side of the connector. You can get a few connectors from AMP if you tell them you want "samples" but they take forever to arrive. (months for me)

Sooooo...... you are almost left to scavenging the female side out of old ECU's (hopefully from other cars that match) and wiring from there.

B. After I finished mine? I wouldn't sell it for $200... time-wise it's a huge pain. Not to say it can't be done by someone... just that you really need to find some good part sources and a streamlined way to do the wiring to make it cost effective.

See info on my 1J 'fields' project here:

Edit: if someone wants to undertake this for the 7M I would be glad to talk to em to give them all the stuff I learned when doing my project. Would be nice to see the 7M guys get something like this.
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