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mk3 in the police video lol

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not sure if anyone seen this yet it is pretty funny except the part where they break the windows poor supra
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lol someone gif it
LOL ziggy, I thought you were dead... how you come back to life
well, it was an ugly color so its ok. lol... anyone notice the sweet Probe rims on the front of it???
yeah saw this on SM it's a Really good video.

BTW that is in Reading, just outside where I stay in the UK haha. Funny..

I go clubbing in that city.
its a repost...BUT i still want those corner lenses :)
Daaaaaanggggg DZiuggy!!!! Where you been man????
Long time no seee :)
Man, is that the real ziggy. Haven't heard from him since just before SILV 06.

Can you imagine what would happen to American cops if they only carried batons and no guns????
ziggy is dead, that's an imposter
Yup... The ziggy of BAS has been missing for days... there hasn't been a maroon Supra roaming the streets and prowling for them V8s for days... Ziggy is no more :( hehehe... aight peace :chicken:
i would be pissed if someone did that to my windows . . . oh . . . wait, someone did! they dumped a 40 lbs flower pot on my windshield as they drove by. :( I was sad when i saw it the next morning.

good video though

i'm glad you all look out for ziggy. i feel the supraforums love.
I love the part when the lights pop up, did anyone catch that? That's funny shit!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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