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Yes I know we already have an AOL chat room, but I'd rather
use a medium that can be controlled; where people acting like
fools can be removed.

if you know how to use mIRC, then connect to the
server and join #mk3.

If you don't know how to use mIRC then go to
and learn. It's a rather powerful and featureful IRC client, or If
you're using Linux - There's Xchat of course (but you should know

Port: 6667
Channel: #mk3

MidWest Subaru Owners Club, North East Subaru Owners Club,
and NASIOC's OT channel is also based on this network, so be
respectful of the fellow Scoob owners; Don't act like a jackass.

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Thanks man:D:D:D
3,796 Posts
Cmon...we need more people to join this shit!!!!
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