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OK i was just guessing that my MK4 is non lsd, was checking up this website and well my frame plate is missing so i cant get the info to really use that search thingy to find out.

Used that site, so i let a friend of mines type in his since his is the same as what i got, N/A 2jzge automatic. But his is a 1995, mines is a 1996. So i dunno. His Axle code read A01A.

Can anyone help me to see if all N/A Autos are the same? The other way to find out if its lsd might be to jack the car in the air at the back and see if both wheels spins at the same time by turning the driveshaft with hand? lol

Or do they come LSD and some with Torsen LSD's?

ALSO i would like to know, if its not lsd, can i use the guts from an LSD MK3's diff and use it on the MK4's housing?

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