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I was wondering if any company makes perfomance cam for a non turbo 93-98 supra. like hs or just about anyone else. i know they have all motor supra's in japan using aftermarket cams but i havent reserached it . its hard to get info for thing in japan./ do they make the cans for the new lexus is300 or older sc300. i know the intake hks cam will work but the exhuast will because the distrubitor is cam driver. cn i change that? by changing my ingtion sytem setup? I am going for all motor right now. im trying to get in into the 12;s with no nitrous or turbo. i am going to turbo the car down the road with a custom single kit . also does the sjx-ge have roller rockers/ and are there aftermarket ones? i am also looking to put new spring and titaiyum retainers in the engine. the valve train sounds like its going or has a sticky valve. but i want to do evry trick withtis car . so give m,e all your idea's experience.Thanks


(ill have the mk4 egr removal/block and collant re-route tommorow. i will post it up on the forum. and will try to get it in the technical archive cause they have little to no info for use n/a's
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