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MKII Supra L-type for sale

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I dont really want to sell my MKII because I love it so much, but I have to in order to pay it off. I lost my job and I still owe some money to the dealership. The car is a 1982 L-type with 111xxx miles on it. The color is metallic gray(the car has had a VERY GOOD factory color repaint). I bought this car from a dealership and It was a one owner vehicle and the previous owner took great care of this car. Interior is in great shape with the exception of a tear in the drivers seat(just swap in some 8-way adjustables). The car is mechanically sound. It's a manual transmission. The car has an aftermarket kenwood chameleon stero(the one that flips around into the dash) and 2 10' inch subwoofers in a bandpass box(ma audio subs, they hit pretty good) powered by a Power Acoutsik 1400 watt amp. The only problems I can say the car has is that the car needs an immediate clutch job, needs a new clutch/slave cylinder (not expensive) and AC needs a recharge. I assure you this is one of the best examples of an '82 you may be able to find out there. Im asking $3000 o/b/o and I will consider trades also. I live in south jersey area. You can message me or call me at 609-835-4828 for info.
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What is the L designation?
p-type = peformance type
l-type = luxury?!

the car isnt for sale anymore but the audio equipment is. 2 ma audio 10 inch subs in a ma audio bandpass box w/ plexiglass enclosure and a 1400 watt power acoustik amp for $300?!? or best offer
whats the differance

i havent heard of the performance or luxury versions. I have an 85, 2.8, nonturbo. it has power sun/moonroof, power windows, power locks, factory alarm, the black wing at the top of the hatch and a red wing at the bottom of the back window on the hatch. Would mine be a luxury model. Oh yeah, it's also a 5 speed.
The only differences between a P-type or L-type is that the P-type has fender flares, 7 inch wide wheels, and a wing and the L-types don't. Mechanically they are identical. All the info you need is at
Aren't L-types all automatic, with everything electrical when possible (locks, windows, A/C, seats...) and fully digital display ?
skuz said:
Aren't L-types all automatic, with everything electrical when possible (locks, windows, A/C, seats...) and fully digital display ?
I don't know where you heard that they are all automatics because my L-type was a 5-speed. It did have the fully digital dash and EVERY single option available (except sunroof) in 1982, like you said.
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