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To start off, I recently obtained a MKII as a project car to work on during my free time. It was sort of a gift to myself since I just moved out of my apartment and got a house with a real garage, so I told myself I now need a real project car to make use of the garage. ;)

Anyways, I am going to be turbocharging this motor once I restore the rest of the car. I am very clueless on motor differences throughout different years on these cars. I was mainly curious if there was a direct bolt-up turbo manifold from another year supra, possibly the 87's. If not, then I guess I will need to build my own, not the end of the world, but my list of things to do to this car is long, and anything to shorten it would be great :cool:

Thanks, Nick
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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