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Ok guys, I'm getting ready to install my rear MKIV TT Brake to go with my Arz front kit. I have everything already, at least I hope. Here's what I need to know. From Djonez's website, on his write-up, he mentions that the MKIII rear brake lines bolt right in. Based on that, I ordered some rear only braided lines from Techna, since the front kit already comes with its own lines. Our brake lines on the rear, does not use a banjo bolt like the MKIV does, it kind of bolts straight to the caliper (you will get a better idea with the pics below). Therefore the techna does bolt right in the MKIV caliper, the only thing i need to know from you guys, is whats the right way to seal the line to the caliper. Please see my presentation, as you will understand my question better.:)

This is the Techna line fitting, next to the MKIV banjo bolt with copper washers.

A better picture of the techna MKIII line/fitting

As you can see, the techna line bolts right in the MKIV caliper, but leaves a gap than can be eliminated only by a washer as thick as the 2 copper washers. Keep in mind, that this is hand tight, but I dont think it will go much further.

Lastly, a picture that shows the calipers' insides :)

Basically, I just need to know, whats the best way to make sure it does'nt leak, more importantly, that it works. Do I find a copper washer thats thick enough? Is it good practice to use 2 washers like the picture shows? (no flame please) Teflon tape? It does not look like those fittings that will just seal as they get tighter, I might be wrong though.

I didn't go with MKIV lines, because apparently they are a little shorter than our brake lines and since it was mentioned that our brake lines work, I just upgraded my lines.

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