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It took me longer than i thought to get my new headunit in, and i didnt have time to install my new speakers before it got dark. Does anyone have any tips for installing my new 4" speakers in the door. Is it best to rip the door panel off, or to unscrew the door handle and take the speaker cover off and do it from the front ?

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take the panel off. remove the speaker cover (grab and pull out away from the door). remove the 2 small screws under it. remove the caps on the door handle hiding 2 phillips head screws. remove the handle and unplug the windo controls. remove the two screws covered by plastic caps right at the front, 4 (or 5, cant remember) along the bottom, 1 in the doorhandle, and i think thats it. pull the front out a bit, then slide the whole thing back a few inches. it should come loose, and you can lift it UP off the window edge. goes on just as easy. speaker pod has 4 large screws, large phillips head or 12mm socket i think. remove it and the speaker pod comes apart after you remove all the misc phillips head screws. your 4 inchers shoudl fit no problem, i stuffed 6.5s into mine!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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