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Parting Out 88 Turbo 5 spd & Performance Parts FS

The exterior is red w/ blue cloth interior. Interior is very clean. The body is banged up. Here is what is left of the car.

89+ ECU $100
Igniter $100
AFM $100
Stock Downpipe $25
Intercoor w/ piping (Piping isn't stock but it is still rubber pipes) $80
Oil Cooler $30
88 Turbo Auto LSD $150
3 Piece Taillights $150
3 Piece Spoiler (Piece Under the Light Bulb is missing) $100
R154 Transmission $400

Aftermarket Parts
3" Intake Adapter w/ Generic Filter $30

If you are interested in any parts you could PM me or email me at [email protected]

I have a big list of aftermarket performance parts for sale

Custom T4 Adapter (for the stock manifold) $250
Tial 46mm Wastegate (w/ 2 brand new flanges and brand new bolt wastegate wasn't even used to long) $450
HKS Old Style GCC $100
HKS GCC New Style $150
Greddy Type R BOV (Already Mounted on Pipe) $200
3" Intake Adapter w/ Generic Filter $30

Cusco Rear Strut Bar $130

Work Equip 17x7.5 front & 17x8 rear Rims $700
(3) 98+ 16" GS300/400 Silver Rims w/ Tires $250
91-92 5 star rims (They are silver and has tires on them. The rims are pretty clean. I think 3 of the tire sizes are 205/45/16 and 1 is 225/50/16. The tires are in great shape and have plenty of thread left. I also only have 3 of the center caps) $450

Stock Parts
89+ 3 Piece Spoiler (Red) $100
89+ 3 Piece Taillights (2 Sets) $150 each
89+ Turn Signals $35
89+ Passenger Fog Light (Fog Light Only) $30
89+ Climate Control $45


Auto Driveshaft $50
89+ Auto ECU $100
Turbo Igniter $100
AFM $100
Stock Downpipe $30
89+ Intercooler $40
Stock Intercooler Piping $50
Stock Turbo Cams (Intake & Exhaust in great shape) $50
Stock NA Cams (Intake & Exhaust in great shape) $60
Stock Crank Shaft Pulley (In Great Shape) $40
Stock Turbo Elbow $20

86.5-92 Radiator $50

(2) 90-02 Signal/ Headlight/Wiper Switch Stalk $40 each
91-92 Sun Roof Motor $50
315cc Light Green Injectors (3 Sets) $80 each set

Stock Suspension Parts
Lower Control Arms $50 each
Brake Master Cylinder (In great shape) $30

89+ Burgundy Cloth Seats (Front, and Rear w/ Panel Inserts. Not torn and it is in great shape) Complete cloth conversion $150 for all

Lots of random Burgundy Interior Parts just post what you might need

Blue Seat Belt Guides (In great shape) $40 for the pair

I have a lot more parts but can't remember right now. If you need something and don't see it just ask I most likely will have it. If you want pics post your email address and I will send them to you. If you have any questions, PM me or email me at [email protected]

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i pmed you about the suspension stuff

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K&N FIPK sold.

billya The sway bars are still on the car. I will have pics of the sway bars on wednesday and will send you a couple of pics of the FPR tomorrow.

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Will get pics of my friends IC on saturday. I have pics of most parts now. I don't have pics of

550cc injectors
Tanabe Catback
Sway Bars
TT Rims
None of the HKS Parts
and the BOV

I am going to try to get pics of these parts tomorrow.

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7MGTE Conversion

I got a complete auto 7MGTE conversion. It came out of a 89. Everything for the swap includes

Auto Transmission
Engine Harness
Intercooler Piping
All required sensors

Everything is included to covert a auto NA to an auto Turbo. I am looking for $1400 for everything. You could email me at [email protected] or PM me if you are interested in anything.

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Price without


and is 1400 shipped?
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