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Dr. Jeff Lange
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I was actually working on one... and then my hard drive died!


Anyways I'm going to start working on it again soon hopefully.

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Heh, the forums great and all, but digging up post on what you need is a hassle. Plus a lot is just opinion, when all I want is fact, and easy browsing :D

584 Posts should be big when im done!

- members script ( you can upload images and have your own page w/out emailing me, sets up automatically) about 75% done.

- We have about 30 videos up allready

- Tons of images

- Script where you can submit your own tech tips

- Forums

- Chat

Services we will offer:
- I make wallpapers for anyone who wants there supra on there desktop(here is the one i made of my car,i only got like 2 pics of my car, so i could make alot better w/more pics in different angles)

- I can also turn your car into a drawing( pc drawing )
(see photoshop forum and look for my drawing threads to see what i can do)

And im sure i will add more! Only thing im waiting on is the members script which is gonna be badass, its almost done also :)

Also got anything what i should add b4 we open?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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