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Tired of being sexy
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This all happened within the last week and a half.

GTI vr6

On the way home from the gym I am just cruising at around 10 pm. I notice something keeping up with me but thanks to my craptastic rear window tint I coudn't tell what it was until we stopped at a light. This guy is around my age (19) and can tell that he wants to race. Green light and I lose some traction in first, I shift to second and he is still right there with me. However towards the end of second I just pull hard on his ass and proceed to get several car lengths ahead. His car was brand new, didn't even have plates. He must've thought I was just some ricer in a probe that was really loud.

300zxtt with bolt ons

I am crusing down the freeway looking for some action. I see this 300zx with a kit and proceed to catch up. There is still some traffic, so he guns it and attempts to ditch me. I keep up with ease. He takes an exit that ends up at a light, he asks what I have and we both make lefts and end up rolling on a green light. I am still in first so I floor it to get some boost going and it worked. He begins to catch up and we are even through second and third. I go up to fourth and hit about 120 mph and eventually pull on him by about 2 car lengths. We both pulled over to check out each others rides. Turns out this guy runs about a 13.4 in the 1/4, good to know my car isn't that slow anymore.

Porsche Carrera? (same day as 300zxTT)

After heading home from the street drags (i just watched) I end up back on the freeway. I notice a porsche step into the mix and notice he is going really fast and jumping lanes like crazy. I couldn't see any badging since it was all black and looked damn sexy. I boost to catch up and luckily he notices me, probably becasue I run open down pipe. I just end up flooring from third to fourth and pull on him by about 1 to 1.5 car lengths. I really think he could have given me a better race, but atleast I can say I beat a porsche now.

Race that never happened: NSX

I ran into one two weeks ago on the freeway, he never budged. Was probably scared, too bad those things are very rare. Maybe he thought he could take me, but whatever hopefully I run into one some other day.

It seems that people have broken into 12's with less mods than I have, hopefully I will have the time slips to prove it some day with practice.

Incase you are wondering, my mods:

Upgraded CT-26 Turbo 60-1 compressor wheel with 10 degree clip
Apex Intake
550cc Fuel Injectors
Lexus air flow meter
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro Fuel pump
Spearco intercooler
IC Hardpipes
HKS SSQV Blow off valve
HKS 1.2 mm metal head gasket
ARP Head Bolts (90 ft/lbs)
Becauseican 3 inch downpipe
Apex Super Air Fuel Controller
Tokico struts
Eibach springs

100% Eurotrash
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automatic NSX's aren't quick at all...maybe he was scared becuase he was auto :D

Nice kill on the 300zx. a while back when my car was running horribly...a 300zx TT with intake and exhaust decided to race me. running horrible as in half blown out turbo manifold gasket, vacuum leaks, boost leaks....3psi MAX. he walked me as I told him he would. I called him up friday, and told him to run me again. He was an asshole, hence my grudge against him.. Got him by 6 cars by 110.

keep it up!

Tired of being sexy
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I love the 300zx, and that night that I saw one I nearly wet myself. The fact he was down to race made it even better. This was probably the second time I had seen a TT zx on the streets so it was certainly a treat.
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