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I finally got some cash so I went and bought a boost guage, a dual a-pillar, and a BCC. Well, now that the tech articles on are gone, how the hell do I hook these things up.

I can do the boost gauge, but what diameter and length vac hose do I need? Also, the diameter of the T? And, how the hell does the a-pillar come off? Also, can someone tell me (with good visual instructions) how to hook up the BCC. And last, I bought the BCC so I could either do the clamp mod or bleeder T. Which hose is it?

I'm taking my car to the track next Fri. Its the car's and my first time. Its bone stock. I wanted to see how well I could do completely stock with upped boost.

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You got the mechanical boost gauge? I'm in the exact same boat you are! :) I just ordered Greddy 60 mm bar gauge and bcc and now I'm screwed! :)
Mechanical or electic, they both hook up to the same hose. I know which hose it is, I just can't expain it. I bought an autometer 2 5/8 ultra-lite mechanical guage, Boost 30 In. Hg/30 PSI. It silver faced. I think it looks pretty badass.
You can hook the vacuum hose up to any manifold vacuum.. (make sure its behind the butterfly or you wont pull vacuum properly at idle)

I'm going to be near the Vineland area all weekend. If you want some help, shoot me an email.
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