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Hey guys, I may be out of line in making this thread but... I was thinking of making a thread for those who are in the process and or going/want to remove there engine and refresh is.

I am currently in the process of refreshing the engine, this is my first time taking an engine out and looking at its internals. I am not doing all the machine work but am taking care of putting it back together (hopefully).

I wanted to see what people thought of maybe me going through the steps and when stuck (which I will be many times) asking for help. This way next time someone is in the same boat they can just look at this thread and visually see what they might be missing.

Like i said this is my first time and I will have many questions, when i start putting it back is my to-do list...I wont have pictures for everything like what the machine shop does

FYI Car idled bad, felt sloppy, power on and off--->oil in intake pipe--->compression in 5&6 115/120---> found cracked piston ring in #5

93.5 Single turbo auto MIV

- Engine/transmission/harness/turbo etc removed
- remove head from block
- pressure test/Machine/clean head
- Valve stem seals/Valve job/valves cleaned/exhaust guides/valve adjustment
- head turned out to be in great shape

To do:
- strip block *in the process*
- Clean block/hone block/clean oil pans etc
- leave crankshaft alone if fine
- Change to clevitte or ACL bearings
- new OEM piston rings
- ARP head bolts
- Change all gaskets/timing belt/drive belt/alternator/oil & water pump/harness clips
- add catch can and tap valve covers
- upgrade meth kit hose to an hose/fittings

Let me know if a thread like this is worthy? As i said I will be asking a tonne of questions. Right now I am waiting for parts so yah.

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I would stick with OEM Toyota bearings if I were you (Since you are not upgrading the rotating assy). There are numbers on the crank, block, and rods so you can order the proper bearings.
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