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Hi folks,

Some members may recall a thread several weeks ago where my 1995 UK MK4 TT started to develop a misfire. The car is rarely driven but having started it up recently, the misfire had become worse and worse.

Had my mate out today with some diagnostic software, there are no fault codes shown/recorded and no engine management light either. However I do for the time being having some diagnostic datastream values that some of you may be able to make sense of? (I'm now beginning to think that its definately a coil thats strating to break down personally.


Engine speed 925rpm
Injection Pulse Width 2.6 ms
Idle control 72 step
Air flow 0.72V
Intake Manifold Pressure 1 mmHg
Left Air/Fuel 2.6V
Right Air/Fuel 0.00V
Throttle Opening 0 Deg
Ignition Advanced Angle 10 Deg
Vehicle Speed 0 km/h
Coolant Temp Sensor 1V

L 02 Sensor Status LEAN
R 02 Sensor Status LEAN
L Open/Closed Loop CLOSED
R Open/Closed Loop OPEN
Knock Sensor NO
Start Switch OFF
Idle Switch ON
A/C Clutch OFF
Warm Start Enrich NO
Enrich After Starting NO

Can anyone shed any light on the above data if anything seems amiss etc?
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