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On a N/A-T conversion Would it be possible to use a TT Head so you could use the pre fab exaust manifolds instead of custom ones from PHR, SP? How much of a diffrence is there in a N/A Head and a TT (besides the bolt pattern for the Exaust Manifold)? are the cams in a N/A Diffrent than a TTs? Finally How hard would it be to find a Bare TT head/How much would it Cost to use on a N/A-T Conversion.



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The TT head doesn't have the port for the distributor, so you'd have to figure out some way to use distributorless ignition. Not easy IMO. If you were to use the TT head, your best bet would prob be to use the entire TT ecu/wiring harness/ sensors, ignition, ect.
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