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Below are some basic questions that seem to repeat every month (feel free to correct/add):

Q: What do I need to swap my auto Supra to a six speed?
A: Transmission, clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, harness...

Q: If I pull my TRAC fuse, will my top speed limiter be removed/does this warning light stay on/etc.?

Q: What is the maximum size tires I can run without flares, bodykit, etc.
A: I KNOW 315's out back run fine at the strip

Q: What is the best turbo for street/strip use?
top end - T72, t51
spool - t60, SP57, ported T04E
compromise - t66, t64, sp63

Q: How much horsepower can I safely run with the stock fuel system?
A: 322bhp, or if you feel dangerous, +-500hp

Q: What does taking the stock rear spoiler off do?
A: In addition to not having a spoiler anymore, you'll have: four holes, a new car part to store somewhere in the house, -70lbs. downforce at highway speeds.

Q: What does everyone do for a living?
A: Similar to the vast majority on this board, I'm a porn star, have an 11 inch dong, can beat anyone/everyone up, and hang out with Scott Baio between films.
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