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What is your Name?: Kris R
-What is your email?: pm or email [email protected]
-What is your phone number?: PM for cell #
-What is your City?: Toronto
-What is your State?: Ontario
-What is your Zipcode?:M5A 0G2

I have the following stock/aftermarket MKIV parts for sale. All parts came out of my 1994 C-spec TT Supra.

Stock Airbox - Sold
Stock TT catback exhaust - $200
Stock ignition coils: They run fine. Small cracks have been filled with epoxy and covered with heat shrink - sold

Also have aftermarket parts..

Blitz SUS Air filter intake (stainless steel) - $100
Competition stage 4 clutch,pressure plate,flywheel for V160, used for 15k. -$300
MVP boost cut controller - $100
HKS EVC-S boost controller - Sold
SAFC II fuel controller - Sold
HKS VPC - $225
Gforce modified stock obd1 ecu - fuel cut, boost cut, rev limit modified, fuel/timing chips for bigger injectors. - $550


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