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Ive been trying to finish out my Na-T project on my own . Everything was going pretty smooth . That is until my stupid ass misunderstood the MAP ECU directions and cut a few wires.
And i suck at wiring anyhow, But i decided to switch to an AEM EMS while was struggling to fix my f-up. So that meant 2 AEM sensors plus an AF guage to splice in.
Well i have finally wired it all up. But looks G-rigged fa-sho. :fro: And i just dont trust my electrical skills at all. And obviously i dont want to short out that $1500. EMS . So i just need someone w/ electrical skills to redo it right.
Also i deleted my EGR , and changed my injectors last week. So i need the vaccuum hose routing and the fuel rail just checked out too.
Im willing to pay a reasonable amount. And open to having it towed to a shop. But Im going to need to tow it to an exhaust shop , for welding the DP to the exhaust and some light welding before tuning. So i want to avoid towing multiple times if possible , thats why i prefer a mobile mech.
Anyhow if anyone is able to do it, or suggest anyone . Please let me know.
Oh also , I know its not gonna happen, but I would give my left nut to have it ready before the 22nd . And have John do the tuning when he is in town. :sadance: ....Yeah I know im dreaming......
BTW the car is in Cupertino.
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