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Modded Intake and Throttle body pics

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I ran out of money this winter doing the conversion to a single turbo/fuel upgrade and tranny. I completely removed all traces of the factory trac control butterfly and had the holes welded up on the throttle body. Then I cut open the intake and cut/ground out most of the intrusive IACV and EGR passageways. I just finished cleaning out the intake today and will be having it welded back togather by an aircraft welder this week...
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Closer view:
Before view of intake:
Before shot of TB:
TB after cutting away Trac butterfly housings, but before welding up holes.
TB after welding holes.
I also took the TB gasket and used it as a pattern to open up the TB mounting pad on the intake. Later in the year I may remove the TB and have it bored along with a new larger throttle butterfly. I have heard of these throttle bodies being opened up 4mm. Any comments and experiences are welcomed.
Looks good.

May i ask what tool and bits you used to do it? Im looking for something to do my spare intake manifold. I actually tried a dremel but it didnt work efficient enough :)
IMO a pneumatic die grinder works well and is easy to handle. You will need an air compressor that can keep up though (mine couldn't). I ended up going to Home Depot and buying an electric Dewalt grinder. Both are pictured in the attachment. The electric grinder is quite a handful, be very careful if you go and purchase one. Make sure you wear goggles. A couple of years ago one of the small grinding wheels (like the one pictured) exploded in my face and nailed me right in the goggles before I could even blink!
One nice thing about the 2 tools is that the various attachments are interchangeable. I forgot to include in the picture 2 different steel rotary files (one coarse and a medium) which worked very well when I was cleaning up the inside of the intake. It was noisy, time consuming work but I am very happy with how the TB and the intake worked out. Besides I didn't have any money left to buy already modded parts!
Good luck with yours!
I had the intake welded today. Aircraft welders rock!
The welds penetrated beautifully, but my pictures don't show them. The welds are flush with the inside of the intake, no blobs hanging down like I've seen on some others. Here's an outside shot of the intake and the throttle body after sanding the welds down.
Does anyone have any pics of their intake after having it coated by HPC?
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