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MOMO Quasar2 Rims...

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I'm will be in the market for new rims and tires soon and I was just wondering what the widest tire is that you can put on an 18x8 rim...? I wanted to get a something closer to 18x10 for the back but I don't think the Quasar2's come in anything bigger than 18x8 unless you jump to the 20x8.5 which I won't be getting.

If anyone has any input into this matter please feel free to respond.


- Steve
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bump. Someone must know...
It's an easy question for some of you, I think.

- Steve
I would avoid any rim smaller than stock in the rear (9.5").

That being said, the widest tire you can safely put on a 8" wheel is 245/35. You can actually go wider, but that would be outside the tire manufactures specs, would give you no performance benefit, and would look like ass.
Also, for the money you could get a much better rim in the correct size and offset. The 18x8 Momo Quasar 2 looks to be about $400 a wheel ($1600 for a set).

Better choices in that price range that looks similar would be
Volk GT-N 18x9/18x10 around $1800
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The quasar 2's dont come that wide.. I agree with BAD..get the volks GT-N's..
Thanks guys, you've been a great help!

- Steve
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