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Momo shift knob modded to match TRD steering wheel

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I remember a while back an SF member modified his momo shift knob to match the trd steering wheel. Anybody have pics of that?
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This one?

I am planning on doing this mod in the next couple of months so I kinda have researched everything and in the thread up above the guy said the TRD emblem came off a screw kit. The link below shows the screws that you need for the emblem.

Hope this helps
you sir... are a pimp! Thank you!
Wow, that looks really good. $26 bucks for two little screws though!!! Oh well, I'm sure its worth it.
^^you can't put a price on perfection
^^^ Very true story my friend.
Dangerzone, is that your car in your avatar?? hows it coming along. I think I tryed pickin that car up a year, year and a half ago. is it the same car?
haha yes it is! Picked it up last august. Now that I have all the finances lined up things are moving much faster. New interior, all 6 speed parts have been picked up. Now I'm just waiting on VSOP to get the shell work done and I'll hopefully have it fired up within the next couple months. Let's just say it was a LOT more work than the previous owner thought! Whole restoration is running me about $11k
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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