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Wow, nice and simple not mutualated by a bodykit. Very nice job.
So how many MKIV's around in Norway.

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SupraSaiyan said:
I'm not a fan of black with polished lip rims, but I must admit it doesn't look bad on a black Supra! Very aggressive look indeed! :D
supraman116 said:
that looks awesome. nice and clean.
:bigthumb: thanks!

MarcSMT said:
Det ryker lite i hanen!
Skruf said:
Ser brutal ut :) Underbart Marcin :D
Tjena Skruf, kul att ni gillar!


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MKIV_Aspirant said:
Beautiful car! :bigthumb:
Supraman16 said:
That dawg just looks freakn' mean! Looks great!!
modemthug said:
kind of late on this post but DAMN thats one clean car. :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
Skruf said:
Man kan ju inte annant än gilla den :wackit:
Un-mechanical said:
That car is beautiful!
Silver Orchid SP60 said:
Very nice and clean...

Thanks for all positive feedback guys! I´m really glad you like it :bigok:

I´ll try to get more pics ASAP

/M :wavey:
41 - 60 of 74 Posts
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