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OKAY, making a new list of parts for sale here. If I have to have this in the MKIII sale section, then so be it. I just know that this section will have more of an interest.
I accept paypal only, all prices without shipping.


-Stock Y pipe (some DP still connected)-20.00--SOLD
-1jz charcoal can (eric....are you still buying this?) - 25.00---SOLD
-1jz intake accordian pipe - 20.00---SOLD
-1jz 5 speed drive shaft (70K miles) - 75.00---SOLD
-1jz AC compressor - 50.00
-1jz stock PS line (the squirly one that bolts to the bottom of the motor) - 15.00
-1jz fuse box with lid - 20.00
-turbo gaskets - 5.00 each (turbo ---> Y pipe gaskets)
-CT12A's (2)---little shaft play side to side...none front to back, i did not use these myself. based on initial appearance and shaft play, turbos should be good to go (keep in mind turbo seals are 12 years old at best) Housings in great shape and wastgates included on both - 120.00
-R154 clutch fork - 10.00
-1jz upper rad hose (OEM, no leaks) -10.00
-1jz button cluster with Fog light and sunroof switch - 15.00
-Hydro cooler (few bent fins) - 20.00

Few 7M parts as well
-ISC valve- 20.00
-Oil cooler (have 2) - 15.00 each
-Alternator--not polished, but very clean - 30.00
-Turbo manifold (2K miles, no cracks) - 40.00
-7m rebuilt AC compressor - 60.00
-Assorted AC lines

Thanks all for helping me clean out. Paypal is: [email protected]

AIM: supraturbo1987
Email: [email protected]

Take care!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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