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more 1jz problems....

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i need to rant here :/
1jz came home last was smoking like crazy...i just thought it was simple green and some other cleaning agents burning off so i just parked it and went into the house as it was already dark.

i checked today, the oil filter relocation line had burst off and i basically lost all oil (had to refill w/ 5 quarts today). the clamp was tight that i couldn't just slip it back on so i loosened it and put the hose back on and tightened it. i then followed it up with filling the oil up again. cranked the engine for 30 seconds after taking the EFI fuse out, then started her up. idle dies, i have to recrank and start her up again. idle tries to die one more time, then all is fine except misfires occaisionally....i let it sit for a few min...and all is fine it seems except alot of smoke. i didn't think much of it...rev the engine to about 4-5000rpm. no rod knock type sounds...just some clicking so i assumed that was just an exhaust leak or something.

i filled up the PS reservoir and it has tons of air in the system so i gotta bleed that out...but i mvoe the car closer to my apartment in the apartment complex and just leave it at that for the time being.

anyways...i go to install my ebc since i have no boost gauge at the moment. i install it and it works :) sbc-id is all nice and stuff. i crank the engine to make sure that it reads vacuum and boost and all the sudden after the engine starts, a puff of white smoke comes through the shifter (rubber and leather shiftboot are off and i can see the gruond). i'm like...oh's getting smoky in i open up the door, and more smoke comes in due to change in pressure of the cabin....i smell something akin to burning coolant...

and then it dawns on me...i might have bhg....that would explain the misfires and the idle dying when the engine is cold....i'll be doing a compression test see the final verdict...
this happened on:

fresh hks 1.0mm 1jz stopper type mhg
2jz arp head studs torqued to 80ft-lb
freshly rebuilt head with 0 miles
total of 4 or 5 miles on engine after putting it back together
has seen 7000rpm once with no turbos (1jz-ge) cause i had intake piping off, for a period of a half second tops to see if it would rev smoothly
did not see more than 3000rpm during the entire 4-5 miles with average engine engine speed of 2500 or so....

in addition to this, i ended up with a blown motor, blown turbos, went through 6x ct12a's to finally end up with a good pair of ct12a's. had a bad harness when i first started the swap (2500rpm cut problem)....

i am ready to give this shit up...
anyone interested, possibly, in buying a jza70 that's almost done? sigh....

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BHG on a 1jz?? first one i read about..sweet.

sorry to hear about your problems..maybe you just blew a hose or something. :p
woo... the 1jz isn't bullet proof as everyone thought... good luck man aight peace
sounds like a coolant hose is leaking unless you have an open downpipe. you wouldn't normally have white smoke coming from the engine bay with a bhg -- it would be from the tailpipe
unless he had a HUGE exhaust leak!:p
you know, after reading that doesnt add up. I think you have more than one little problems and not just one big ass problem. (BHG in your case)

i think you honestly got a faulty hose probably in the rear of the engine (quite possibily the ever so shitty rear heater hose)

as for the shit idle, exhaust leak, IC pipes...that list can go on.

it was dark, so you couldnt see the color of the smoke? possibly blue smoke to indicate PCV problems?

give me updates, this is interesting.
if it's any consolation i had tons of issues with mine, i put up with them to a point, but then even i had to come to realize to myself that it's just plain stupid to keep throwing money at it when it's not getting anywhere. i abandoned the project and dont think i'll mess with these things again. just my .02

i really hate that you are having the problems you are having. the 1jz i built last year has been on the road boosting for 8 months now with no problems at all.

i think that you are having some minor issues that are seeming to be big because you have been going thru so much with your, as of now, everything is a big deal, it is called frustration. i think the smoking you are experiencing is more than likely your pcv system. also you must take into mind that a fresh build you don't have a totally sealed combustion chamber. you are going to get a little smoke until your rings seat. you probably have a few hoses and a pcv problem along with some slight exhaust leaks. it will get better, and trust me, the first time you get to boost it you will remember why you pulled the 7m out.
BoostAddctn said:
woo... the 1jz isn't bullet proof as everyone thought... good luck man aight peace
Yah imagine that... driving a motor thats got problems without even knowing what they are might screw it up more... too bad he didnt keep the 7m.. it wouldnt have happened to the 7m if he drove a 7m broken... or a 2jz even, if it had been broken and he drove it anyway.. it wouldnt have broke either right?

I doubt it has a bhg, my guess is with the guys above, lots of little shit. just stop working on it for a few days.. then go back and look at everything and double check for loose hoses and kinks and rips and tears, wires melted.. etc. then start it up and check everything again..
Hope its something small and silly, Good luck, keep up posted.
The crap idling and dying after cranking will be because you reset the ECU. The 1J will struggle to idle after an ECU reset , especially in cold weather. Hopefully this is all that is causing your idling prob. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours driving to clear itself.

I have an extra nut under the throttle stop, so i can wind it out and increase the revs after an ECU reset to stop the engine from dying.
you drove a car with no oil. 5 quarts of oil can't leak out of a relcation kit with the car parked and off. GL on your rebuild.
was 3 quarts...2 quarts of atf for hydrofan and ps pump...i guess i was pissed and coutned those 2 together.

anyways, i'd like to say that all of you guys saying that it was a bunch of small things, that you guys were wrong :p

did a compression test today
1 - 150
2 - 160
3 - 155
4 - 145
5 - 150
6 - 0 read that zilch none
after adding a cap full of oil, and waiting 5 min
6 - 0

no compression. talked with a few people and they basically said that i have a cracked block or the small possiblity of a valve that's stuck open....every time i've braced for the worst, it some how managed to get i'm not hoping for a stuck open valve...

this is fucking bullshit. i replaced the head with a fresh rebuilt one because the original one was damaged by a blown turbo which was replaced with working ones from 1jz-power(mike) and now the fucking block. i paid $2000+ for a long block in which nothing worked properly.

head bad
turbos bad
block bad

that's basically the whole engine.

any idea as to what i can do? it's taken about a year already since i had a screwed engine to begin with and collecting the parts took forever....this was from venus auto. i'd like to get some sort of monetary compensation or some shit like that...

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Man, that sucks! :( cough 2jz block cough.
knowing my luck i'll probably end up with a 2jz block that has an oil channel not drilled through properly (see in mk4 section) and seize the engine....

MelloBoy said:
knowing my luck i'll probably end up with a 2jz block that has an oil channel not drilled through properly (see in mk4 section) and seize the engine....

Be positive my friend! Things will get better... just imagine the feeling when you finally get it done, I know how long building shit up can take... and I keep learning..
You just had the block apart, I think you would hopefully have checked for cracks. On the other hand, the head was just rebuilt -- there is a chance a valve is incorrectly adjusted. I don't know whether the jz head uses shims or whatever, but the first thing I would do is check the vavle adjustment
i didn't have the block apart per se
head was off...i couldn't see any visible cracks on the piston, couldn't see any cracks on the wall either...there were about 4-5 other ppl there with me unless a small almost invisible hairline crack could bust open very wide suddenly....

You heard a ticking sound, head was recently worked on, and the oil test takes the #6 rings out of the equation. I say it's a valve not seating. I'm sure most of us know that almost overwhelming feeling of frustration where you just want to get rid of the hassle. Take a break, count to ten, then finish it up. Good luck.
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