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Alrighty, after doing a some searching online for a new clutch, im kinda stumped. I have searched the forums and talked to Dr.J and everyone recommend getting a Stock PP and then one of your favorite brand clutch disk. While it being a Kevlar, sprung disk.


I called center force- they do not sale there PP and CD separately
South bend clutches- does not sale there PP and CD separately
ACT- does not make Kevlar disks
Sepc- wants 200$ for a stage two *seems a lil high*

I know I have called/searched other companies *but I cannot think of the names off hand*

I already have EVERYTHING I need other than the CD.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a Kevlar sprung disk that is at a reasonable price…
(I do not need the whole kit, Just the Disk)
And my power goals are not much at all right now….. I just want something better then stock. But I just think 200$ is a BIT much.


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