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More HP for the $ (porting heads, intake manifold or cams)

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Anyone have an idea as to what would give more HP for the $. This would be in conjunction with a T66 system.

I am thinking, and please correct me:

port intake manifold $600 15rwhp
port head $1000 25rwhp
Cams $700 Crower or $1250 HKS 35 rwhp

Does this seem right,...seems like the Crower Cam like a 262 would be the way to go...why are the HKS cams so much more?
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HKS or JUN cams are the way to go. With a T66, you will likely see more than 35 rhwp. Maybe up to 50 extra rear wheel horsies. And the reason why Crower cams are so much cheaper is: 1) they are in the US, and when HKS/JUN had a monopoly they could charge whatever they want, so Crower is more indicative of a realistic price and 2) From what I've heard, Crower should rate it's cams in a range. A lot of horror stories about bad precision. A lot cheaper, but I wouldn't trust them. HKS cams are fantastic, and are works of art.

Eliminate bottlenecks in order. After turbos/stock header, it's cams, then intake, then head. Upgrading restrictions out of order will be disappointing.
$600 for a ported manifold? That's insane. You can do it yourself with a drill ( preferably a dremel 15k rpm) and a honing bit. it's not that hard to remove the upper and lower manifolds. but those hp numbers are extremely optimistic! we're talking about slightly enlarging the diameter of the ENDS of the runners, which might be 2-5mm at most. you could buy an aftermarket manifold for less money that would perform better.

also doing the heads won't help that much unless you port it big enough that you'll need new custom forged pistons. even a full port/polish (upper/lower intake manifold, throttle bodies, heads, and exhaust manifolds), we're talking 20hp at the most.


Preach on brother....

Do you happen to have the JUN and HKS cams in stock??

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