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Way too lazy to re unpack boxes and take pics but... List of more parts going on this month.



ARP stud kit

Dual pillar pod

auto meter sport comp A/F and boost to 30 psi

Greddy TT

Horse Power Freaks inter cooler and hard pipes kit (silver no BOV flange)

935 motor sports by pass valve kit

APEXi intake

New master and slave clutch cylinders

New e-brake

New head light switch (so I don't have to worry about them turning on and off randomly while I'm driving).

Right now I'm waiting on ARP fasteners because the A-HOLE shop I'm suing kept like 12 of mine (6 bucks a pop little bastards).

Then it goes to the new shop that's been around since 1982 and who are also intresting in tuning the car.

YAY maybe a running tuned SUPRA for the summer?

I hope so...

DAMN u a big one lady
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NICE!!! I can't wait to get home from college, my supra's been at my friend's garage since Febuary getting ready for the spring/summer time..... Hope everything works out for ya!!!
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