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More upgrades to my car

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82 supra

Hee hee!! I just tinted my windows myself! I'm proud.

The side windows are PERFECT...but the hatch is another fucking story.....mother fucker is near impossible......I have SEVEN BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

And I can't get them out. Anyone have any tips on tinting that back window?

Second, I'm getting it repainted. But, it was hit in the parking lot at work, and the driver's side door, and the plastic guard are bent.
So here is my question....Do I pull all the guards off, or do I try to replace it?

Also, as a hazing for my first day at work, my car was carelessly suran wrapped (no shit....I should have taken a picture) and I am now missing a map flap....

Come on guys, I need opinions on cosmetics here!
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