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Hey curt, this is for Travis's tranny rebuild since you got the parts in stock.

we need:

syncrho set gear 1-4
1st/2nd gear Hub assembly
3rd/4th gear hub assembly

(^so two hubs assebmly all togehter for the 4 gears)

magnet (33449b i think?)

output shaft bearing (33321A & 33321T)

speed sensor

reverse gear sensor

all seals

also we need the little ball and spring assembly that holds the gear locked in place, i have two numbers and im not sure which one it is.... 22175b&33275A, or 90080-36055 & 90080-50136 we need 2 sets of each

washers/spacer 90069-250XX? (they come in 6 different sizes, are they all the same cost? if so i will need one of each)

the nut that goes on the very end (33325-0w010)

also this part (90069-09004)

inspection plate covers (both)

and also just ONE gasket tube

and this assembly (90250-06026, 90905-62001, 33511 and the boot 33531)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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