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More wheels FS in Chicago (17" BBS/Moda, 18" Enkeis)

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These are items in my mega-item FS thread, but it seems as though people are looking for wheels, so I figured I'd separate these out. They're just taking up space so I'd like to sell them locally.

[Moda by BBS - M2 2PC Carbon Fiber look wheels. 17x9F ( 245/45/17) 17x10.5R (275/40/17)] $800 OBO on Yokohama A520s. SOLD! 09/19/07
Worn (used prior to alignment) but usable. Rears have a slight lip.

Enkei RP-01 18x8.xF and 18x9.xR $800 (no tires)
pictures on the way
These are lightweight JDM wheels (not US-made Enkei).
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Kaboing! Looks like BADABING sold his set of M2s.... these are still available for those that missed out on his deal :)
I'll try and find you a buyer. After I have pics of mine on my MKIII it might help sell to MKIII owners.
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