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hey guys this is imran, i was wondering what i could get for $1500 as far as my engine goes. what will produce the most power in my price range? im running completely stock right now. i looked at the bpu kit on for $1300 but im not sure if i like all the parts that r included in it. can any of you guys come up a list of parts that i should get for the max HP turnout.

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All a BPU is an exhaust, downpipe, boost controller, greddy bcc, and of course the boost gauge. With $1500 you dont really have much room to play with. But besides getting the A'PEXi N1, you have the option to get the HKS Hiper or HKS Dragger II around the same price range. As for as boost controllers go, the A'PEXi AVC-R has a huge price drop of around $370 or so, but are more complex to fine tune. Or you can get the HKS EVC EZ II or Blitz Dual SBC Spec-S . That will put you in the $1500 range. If you search you might save a few by even going to other stores. MVP is a good place. I get all my stuff from them. Also I think has a BPU kit you might want to check out. Its really just up to you and as far as your pocket will take you.

-Amit B.

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$1500 could get you lots of goodies if you don't get anything brand new, or could barely get you exhaust, EBC and DP if you get everything new.

Here's what I'd suggest for BPU if you don't mind getting stuff used but in good shape:
1) used exhaust $300-$500 (plenty of Greddy PE, Thermal Research Development, and even Apexi N1 around this range)
2) used downpipe (DP) $125
3) used BCC (boost cut controller) $60
4) used EBC (electronic boost controller) $150-300 OR if you want to save some here, you can go with a MBC (manual boost controller) about $25-60 used or $70-100 new
5) used boost guage $50-150 depending on how fancy it is

Really this is all BPU is, and you'd be about $1k at this point (little more, little less depending). With the rest of the money, you can even get a air/fuel controller for less than $200 that'll get you even more power with tuning. You'd need to save up for FMIC unless you can get one dirty cheap.

The last thing I'd say is definitely get a hose techniques silicon hose replacement kit for your Supra. The stock hoses are crap and deteriorate drastically over time unless properly conditioned (which no one does). You'll be amazed at how much more reponsive the engine is after hose replacement. You'll also learn A TON about the engine by going through this time consuming exercise.

Get my drift? Same thing with say suspension parts. PM if you have more BPU questions as I may have parts that I'm getting rid of :)
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