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I searched.
that being said, can I put 88 style square motor mounts into my "88" with 89 engine brackets?
Kruso said somehere that he did it with 88 brackets, but my engine is now in the car, and that would be a pita.
I'd like to save my self the trouble of doing it.
Also, I would like to say I hate the difference between 89 and 88 motor mounts, becuase I spent 4 hours trying to get my engine into place, when all along the stupid bolt would not fit in the hole, nor would it ever because it also has a little tab or something ont he mount. If they were the same from 86.5 to 92 Iwould not have this problem. Damn you's toyota. Damn you's straight to hell. and while i'm whining like this, I gotta say, thanks for the head gasket problem you jerks.
thank you.
and oh yes, my original question still needs answered:)

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Subframe is different on late 89+. If you change the subframe, mounts and brackets, you'll be OK. Toyota changed engine mounts and subframe to accommodate 1JZ engine being put into Supras 90+ in Japan.
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