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motor mount question???????????????

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well im planning on upgrading my motor mounts since i plan on going single and im looking at the...........

TRD Engine motor mounts made of MUCH harder rubber than the stock mounts!

or the

Powerhouse Racing Solid Engine Mounts made of from Chromoly Steel

any downsides to either of these units that anyone knows of ?
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I originally bought the PHR solid engine mounts but switched to the TRD. I have a buddy with a T78 that drag races and he is still using the stock mounts. He also said that when he switched to the solid mounts everything vibrated...way to loud. Also I was told that the solid mounts are really for race only purposes and not for daily driving. When I get ALL my parts from PHR and MVP I'll let you know immediately about the TRD mounts.
IM a lazy bastard. My left one is shot for over a year and it does that clicking thing every other day. TOday driving to work i noticed hearing the rubber make a "rubbery noise(dont ask, the only word i can think of now) when i would tap the brakes lightly going down a hill. Maybe ill do the trd one. Ranger you know the damage on it?

As you know, I have a major TRD fettish. A while ago I called Jeff Watson to order the TRD mounts. His advice was to only get them if I could tolerate more vibration in the cabin and up through the steering column. They are intended for a strictly racing application, according to Jeff. I chose to stay with stock motor mounts, despite the fettish.

I guess ill get the stock ones when i get off my lazy butt to do so.

whats the damage for the stock ones? 115 or so?
My driver's side motor mount is shot. How hard is it to change out?
My motor mounts were bad, so I swapped in the TRD ones. They were only ~$15ea. more than the stockers. I don't remember any huge difference between them and the stockers as far as vibration goes. It's definitely not noticable. Now I just need to find an upgraded Auto tranny mount that will handle the power.
I have the TRD mounts on my single turbo... and I wouldn't say that it's harsh at all. I don't have any reference because I bought the car with the single already on it... but I can honestly say that I am in no way bothered by any vibrations. It's as smooth as my bone stock 4Runner and my GFs Miata.

If you have the motor out I would put the TRD ones in.
many thanks all!
whats the damage of the mounts? I get 15 more than stock. so whats stock? ill do the math. 80)
stocks cost about 105.00 each!
What about urethane bushing & Mounts

Energy suspension or others?
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