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Ok here it is, i have a motor with about 1951XX miles on it. I Burn 1 qt if that every 3K miles. The motor to my knowledge has never been touched. I plan on either rebuilding it or doing a compression test to see how well it is. If the #'s are all good should i

A. MHG & APR's and assemble with new gaskets and seals and call it a day, or
B. Rebuild

if they aren't in good standing order (#'s)
then A. Rebuild.

Whats your input? I do not beat on my car often and do not really plan too. But i'd like a strong motor if i ever have the itch or urge to beat on something.

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My question is what are your intentions for the vehicle?

This would be a qood stage to determine how much power you are looking to get in the future.

If it were me, here would be my routes:

Keeping car near stock:

Run the current engine until it starts acting up. Maybe replace the headgasket for a longer time before it starts acting up.
Either build or buy a replacement block from toyota.

Replace the headgasket and crank up the boost. Run the engine until it dies.
Build a motor on the side with the usual forged goodies.
Put it in and crank the boost.

Keep in mind if you take the first route (keeping the car stock) you will save more money. Especially if you dont have the need for speed.

Thats my prob. Cant leave good enough alone. :)

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I bought my 90 with like 170k and sold it with 195k. Used it on lots of 500mi trips and beat on it every day. Only problem I ever had was the AFM starting to go out. Granted, the lady I bought it from had it pretty well maintained by a particular shop, which did a stock headgasket 6 months before I bought it. I still believe the engine will hold up to a lot of torture. Just be cautious and wait until something happens. Glad my new 89 has just 130k.
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