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Motorcycle overheating

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I realize that the majority of cooling on a bike relies on air, but after around 20-30 mins of riding and hitting traffic, the gauge literally gets nearly or at the H. Today it overheated so bad when I was trying to get home (I noticed and stopped but it happened again) it started leaking anti freeze, I realize its going to be a radiator hose.

My question is, does everyone's bike heat up that fast? its a 90's degree day so the concrete is around 100-110 but between stoplights it goes down a bit then the next light it goes right back to H.

I am taking my bike to a shop later this week (I wont ride it) =(
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My bike will get hot but no where near the red. Flush the system, replace the thermostat (if it has one)

Does you're bike have fans?
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